Chris McPhee

Executive Chef

Chris McPhee: A truly talented Scotsman, born and raised on the Isle of Skye.

From his starting point as a kitchen porter in a seafood restaurant, Chris’s culinary skills have taken him to locations across the UK, most notably the renowned kitchens of Masterchef the Professionals in 2018, plus becoming a semi-finalist in the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts competition.

In his own words, Chris’s cooking style is British, seasonal, sustainable, and uses only the finest local produce he can lay his hands on. With his own allotment and vegetable garden, Chris grows most of the veg served at The GT himself, so you can enjoy the most authentic root to fork experience.

Sustainability is top of Chris’s list for 2022, so watch this space to see how Chris and his team craft the menus to provide a superior dining experience whilst making a commitment to the world around us.